Swimwear Care Instructions

Cold or lukewarm hand wash after every wear
Use only mild detergent
Do not soak or bleach your swimsuit
Chemicals from chlorine pools and also salt water should be removed from your swimsuit by gently handwashing with a mild detergent in lukewarm or cold water. If not properly rinsed, the elastomeric content of the fabric will deteriorate at a much faster rate and shorten the lifespan of your swimsuit

Drip dry in the shade, or lay flat, as extreme heat from the sun will weaken the elasticity of the fabric
Avoid leaving your swimsuit rolled up wet, either on its own or inside a towel
Don’t bleach or dry clean

Do not wear your swimsuit in a spa. High chlorine content will result in the bleaching of colour and the deterioration of the fabric. We suggest using an old pair of bathers for the spa. For regular swimming in chlorinated pools, we recommend you choose a nylon/polyester based chlorine resistant cozzie that will give much longer wear. See website for details.

All colours will eventually fade. Fluro colours will fade even faster. To maintain the colours in your swimsuit for as long as possible dry your cozzie in the shade, and avoid chlorine pools.

Try to avoid sitting or leaning on rough surfaces as this damages the fabric. Pilling or snagging may occur which will spoil the appearance of the swimsuit. Try sitting on your towel if possible.

Tanning oils, sunblock creams and fake tanning lotions all have the capacity to damage or mark your swimsuit. They can also cause the elastomeric yarn to deteriorate. We recommend that you take special care when using these products and ensure that any fake tanning products are completely dry before coming into contact with any part of your swimsuit.

Remember your swimsuit is not indestructible, and will need to be replaced from time to time or season to season, but follow these tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy your cozzie a whole lot longer.